From the chapel Our Lady at the End of the Field the path goes along the road to the industrial zone Podi, alongside hotel Katarina to the roundabout and further ahead on the asphalt road Dugopolje - Bisko all the way to the highway underpass. As soon as the underpass is crossed, there is an abrupt right turn onto a macadam road leading to Križice. In this very spot we turn left from the asphalt road and enter a walking path. After 100 m there is an excursion site and the checkpoint stamp.

From Križice, the path descends, mildly at first and then more steeply, all the way to the former Rera route at the end of the field. Rera path must be followed all the way to the junction with the asphalt road Dicmo - Bisko. Upon crossing the road, we once again enter the former Rera route leading towards the first houses in Dicmo and an asphalt road. At the junction in the village of Dicmo, we continue on the right all the way to the abandoned railway station of the old Rera in Dicmo where the checkpoint stamp is located.


8.63 km


Naselje Dugopolje smjestilo se uz istoimeno prostrano krško polje, ispod sjevernih padina planine Mosor. To je malo i dinamično mjesto u predvorju Dalmatinske zagore, udaljeno 15 km od grada Splita, županijskog središta i najvećeg grada na hrvatskoj obali.


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