From the Rera railway station in Klis, the path continues along the narrow gauge railway which is covered with asphalt only in its first part. The exit to D1 is locat- ed below the eateries in Klis Grlo. At the junction above the village path continues straight along the road to Dugopolje. Once you go under the overpass, we turn left onto an asphalt road which is parallel to D1 all the way to the overpass behind the gas station. Through the overpass we descend to the chapel of Our Lady at the End of the Field and the tombstones where the next checkpoint is located.


5.37 km


Klis je naselje i općina u Splitskom zaleđu. Nastalo je podno srednjovjekovne tvrđave. Naziv je nastao od riječi klisura na kojoj je izgrađena tvrđava. Bio je prvi hrvatski glavni grad, te kraljevska prijestolnica za vrijeme dinastije Trpimirovića.


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