The path begins from the Shrine on Our Lady’s islet (Gospin otok) where the check point stamp is located, goes over the bridge next to Zvonimirov dom, along Kral- ja Tomislava street towards Gašpine mlinice. At the crossroad, the path continues straight to the village of Glavičine. At the end of the path, we enter the walking route (Napoleon’s path - kaldrma) which takes us through olive groves and an ex- cursion site overlooking the city of Split all the way to road D1. After 200 m we turn left. From D1 we enter a narrow asphalt road which passes by the houses and enters the walking path that leads to the local Rupotine-Klis. Before we get to the road we cross under the preserved overpass once used by “Rera”. The road goes all the way to the former Rera railroad station in Klis where the checkpoint stamp is located.


4.46 km


Prasvetište Gospe od Otoka nosi titulu najstarijeg marijanskog svetišta u Hrvata! Današnja župna crkva posvećena Blaženoj Djevici Mariji - Gospi od Otoka, sagrađena je 1880. godine u samom središtu Solina, na jednom većem otoku u delti solinske rijeke Jadro, koja se prije nazivala Salon.


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