Field of Dicmo

Field (and a settlement of the same name) placed in the karst of Dalmatian Zagora in the hinterland of Split; 15 km long, up to 2.5 km wide. It lies at an altitude of 315 to 319 m, and covers 35 km². The road Split - Sinj - Livno (BiH) passes through the field.

According to archeological findings, Dicmo field has been inhabited since the time of the Illyrian settlements in ancient times, and its population has been continuous. Remains of a small Roman-Illyrian settlement were found here. At the site of the present Dicmo in Roman times was the tenth milestone (a thousand steps) from the road Salona directed to Muć.

It was first mentioned in the second half of the 7th century, called Dicinum. The name of the field itself comes from the Latin word decima (ten) - for the distance on the Roman road that led from Salona, ​​and near Dicmo it branched in two directions: for the ancient Aequum (Čitluk) and Pons Tiluri (Trilj).

Dicmo is also the name for a dry and shallow field in the karst of the Dalmatian hinterland, and since the 20th century also a collective name for settlements on the edge of the field, especially for the area around the former Ferata Railway Station, the parish church of St. James and Anne, and the local school.

At the edges of the field, seven larger and several smaller villages were formed. The municipality of Dicmo consists of the settlements of Kraj, Osoje, Prisoje, Sičane and Sušci (Dicmo Donje), and Ercegovci and Krušvar (Dicmo Gornje). The largest mountains and hills are Mosor (1339 m), Visoka (890 m), Grubuša (647 m), Radinje (763 m) and Gradina (587 m). Along the edge of the field there are a number of villages and hamlets whose population is engaged in agriculture, and previously was engaged in cattle breeding.

Chapel of Our Lady of Health

Our Lady of Health or Our Lady of Prisoje is one of the oldest churches in the parish of Dicmo, built at the end of the 17th century on three occasions. It has been expanded and upgraded, externally and internally. The Archbishop of Split and Makarska, Marin Barišić, blessed the last renovation of the chapel in 2005. Inside, a new altar has been erected with the monogram Ave Maria with Our Lady's crown, designed by Don Ante Šošić. Church utensils have also been restored, such as the chalice dating from 1604.

The Railway Station of Ferata (Rera) Dicmo

In addition to the already built Split station during the construction of the Split-Sinj railway, 5 stations were built: Vranjic-Solin, Klis, Dugopolje, Dicmo and Sinj.

These are the remains of the Dicmo railway station. At the station in Dicmo, the reception building was a small ground floor house with an apartment for railway staff, and next to it there was a covered waiting room for passengers.

The Ferata or Rera station in Dicmo is currently in rather poor condition and is closed to the public. In the near future its adaptation and complete renovation are expected and planned, under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Dicmo authority.